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Aug 9 2014
Jewish Activists Occupy Montreal's Federation CJA
May 28 2014
Part Two
May 27 2014
Part one
May 22 2014
interview with Yannnick Scott
Oct 6 2012
Élyse Vollant, Denise Jourdain, and Ellen Gabriel speak out against environmental exploitation
Oct 1 2012
Interview with Miguel Prados Rodriguez, from Coordinadora 25S
May 28 2012
Report from the May 22 NATO Summit, Chicago IL
Feb 9 2012
Old people participate in opposition to Keystone
Dec 2 2011
Interview with Lois Ahrens creator of The Real Cost of Prisons Project (US)
Dec 2 2011
Interview with Julia de Montigny of the Prisoner Correspondence Project (Montreal)

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